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Terry Hill & Associates Introduces Our Blue Dolphin Planning Process

August 08, 2017

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau


A Comprehensive Approach to
Financial Independence & Quality of Life


To sustain a long and happy life after retiring, we believe most people need a life-long, adaptable cash-flow plan and help implementing it. That’s why, after getting inputs from our clients, we are excited to be introducing our Blue Dolphin Planning process in addition to traditional wealth management. Our Blue Dolphin Plan offers a comprehensive suite of advisory, coaching, and consulting services.


We want our clients to know, we hear you. What we found was that each of our clients is unique, but they value wealth, not for its own sake, but for the options it gives. Furthermore, we found that our clients want the following:

  • A relationship with an experienced investment advisory team that understands their dreams, goals, aspirations, and concerns,
  • Help understanding and evaluating complex issues without jargon, complex numbers, or “industry-speak,”
  • Meaningful analysis, easy-to-understand information, and objective advice to make informed decisions,
  • Seek to avoid costly mistakes,
  • Experience and help to implement their decisions,
  • To simplify and streamline their personal finances and delegate on-going investment management to professionals,
  • To maintain, or strive to enhance, their current quality of life for the rest of their lives.


Our Blue Dolphin Planning Services

  1. Deep Discovery; a vision coaching process that goes beyond goals to uncover important dreams, aspirations priorities, and concerns. This process helps our clients create a vision of their “ideal” future
  2. Collaborative “What-If…” Scenario Planning on a big screen TV empowers clients to see and select the “appropriate fit” personal and financial strategies for their vision, goals, and aspirations
  3. Holistic Investment, Financial, and Risk Management Advice to help define the key issues, ask the right questions, evaluate options and outcomes, and make appropriate decisions
  4. Written Financial and Comprehensive Plans to document the “appropriate fit” strategies for each client. This “comprehensive blueprint” includes vision, goals, strategies, action steps, and a schedule
  5. Professional Portfolio Design to optimize diversification and returns while seeking to reduce unnecessary volatility exposure
  6. Estate Planning strategies in collaboration with an estate attorney who drafts the documents
  7. Asset Protection strategies and recommendations with the objective to preserve wealth and financial independence
  8. Business Consulting, Vision Coaching, Career Counseling, for people seeking positive change in their business’s and their lives.
  9. Assistance Implementing our recommendations
  10. On-going Advice, coaching, and periodic progress-review meetings


We seek to replace the stress of retirement planning with clarity and confidence.  Our services are designed to answer the key questions that everyone planning for retirement find important. Starting with each client’s (or couple’s) vision of their ideal future, we work backwards, using sophisticated scenario planning software, to help determine what is realistic.


Easy-to-understand graphics and unhurried discussions enable our clients to “see” and understand the expected results of alternative strategies. They can review multiple “What if…” scenarios to compare options and prioritize tradeoffs. Once they select the “appropriate fit” strategies, for their situation and goals, we take care of the details to keep them on track towards their independent future.

To find out more about our Blue Dolphin Planning process, call, click, or stop by our offices today.



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