What Is Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a comprehensive way of looking at your financial life. If you think about doctors, a wealth manager is your Primary Care Physician. We are aware of ALL of your financial matters and can advise you on any of them. When appropriate, we will refer you to a specialist (like a CPA or attorney) when further expertise is required. We develop strategies to help our clients address their concerns in each of these areas:

  • Asset, Investment & Portfolio Management

  • Net Worth Growth, Protection & Transfer

  • Liability Management

  • Estate, Trust & Legacy Planning Strategies

  • Insurance Solutions and Policy Review

  • Income Tax Planning and Tax-Advantaged Strategies

  • Medicare and Medicaid

  • Risk Management and Business Succession

  • Life and Wealth Optimization Planning

On-Going Advice, Coaching and Investment Management

  • Your vision and goals are the basis for Your Action Plan — A detailed roadmap to help achieve your dreams

  • Designed to prudently accomplish your goals and objectives — A consistent approach to achieve results

  • Periodic Progress Reports — Keeps your situation up to date on your progress and tells us when to adjust course

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