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Terry Hill

Speaker,Educator,Life/Work/Retirement Advisor

“Flourishing is about becoming your best possible self: happy, fulfilled, Financially successful, evolving and contributing to a better world.”

Selected Topics Titles: 

  • Living in the Endorphin Zone: The Science of Human Flourishing – Hear what scientists know about success and happiness. Discover universal human wants and needs that we must satisfy to experience lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. Discover the secret to getting on the upward spiral of human flourishing. Terry offers inspiration and empowerment tools for experiencing greater well-being, in all areas of life. 
  • Success is Not About the Money: Debunking the American Happiness Myth – American culture tells us that getting rich is the key to happiness. But scientific research has discovered that it’s the other way around. Wealth doesn’t create happiness; happiness creates wealth. Terry shares how to work towards maximizing financial independence and quality of life. 
  • Your Best Possible Retirement Keys to a Long and Fulfilling Life – For people considering retiring or who have already retired. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes that diminish quality of life and reduce financial independence. Reconnect with a life full of passion and purpose. Terry teaches what it is that puts energy in our lives and helps identify passions to pursue in retirement.