Over the past 20 years we have helped countless Raytheon/TI employees navigate through their own personal retirement planning calculations.

Having worked through the complexities of Raytheon/TI pensions, benefits and plan options numerous times, We believe we are qualified to help these employees create a strategy to retire with confidence.

An example of a Raytheon/TI-specific challenge is the fact that the the legacy pension only pays a flat monthly payment for life without a cost of living increase.

So consider that even if inflation is 3% going forward, the payment amount you receive starting at retirement will feel like half of that amount in only 24 years (in terms of purchasing power).

We've discovered that many retirees have never considered the impact of a flat pension payment on your purchasing power in retirement. Through careful analysis we would love to help you account for this specific challenge as well.

Terry Hill & Associates and LPL Financial are not affiliated with, or endorsed by Raytheon. 

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